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Beat English
Ausgabe 06/2021

Beat English
Ausgabe 06/2021

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Hersteller: falkemedia
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Completely unaffected by the Corona crisis, the film and gaming industry continues... mehr
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Beat 06/2021 English
Completely unaffected by the Corona crisis, the film and gaming industry continues to grow. It‘s practical that producers can also participate in this, because both worlds depend on good sound - just like documentaries, commercials, YouTube videos and much more. In our big feature you will find out what to consider when producing music for films, games and trailers and how you can earn money with production music. Find out which tools help and where you can offer your music for licensing.

Software-wise this issue comes with two huge MPC expansions worth €96 including the MPC Beats DAW & plugin. Plus our latest Model 1978 expansion for Zampler and MPCs. Altogether 20 GB of samples, tools, effects and instruments.
Software licenses guaranteed during month of release, after that available while stock lasts. You can check the availability of each product here [link to]
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Get started, earn money

Free on DVD
MPC Beats + 3 expansions, Model 1978 sound bank

Reviews: Subsequent 25
Filthy. Nasty. 100% Moog.

Hands-on: Drones
Create vibes à la Kas:st
+ Extra Inhalt

Akai MPC Beats is a complete DAW, drum sampler, looper and groovebox in one, including 13 GB of drums, loops and instruments to enhance any music style. The software MPC Beats integrates with TubeSynth, Bassline & Electric three inspiring and great sounding synthesizers that can be used in any DAW.
The new Model 1978 soundset for Zamplerand MPCs will thrill you with raw synth power, capturing the brute sound of the legendary Korg MS-20. Look forward to 64 basses and synth patches with the rating „unique“! Fresh inspiration in your tracks is provided by loops and samples from manufacturers such as Equinox Sounds, Loopmasters, Prime Loops, Producer Loops and Zenhiser. An enormous range between Ambient, Dancehall, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, R&B and Trance is covered.

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"Beat" Computer Magazine in shear musical production value. Beat Magazine reinvents itself every issue that I have read, keeping it from becoming a reused template each issue. The extras alone are worth the value of the monthly magazine.


It would be my deserted island magazine.

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