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Beat English
Ausgabe 04/2021
Beat 04|21: Trap & Hip-Hop + Moog Taurus... Weiterlesen

Beat English
Ausgabe 04/2021

Beat 04|21: Trap & Hip-Hop + Moog Taurus... Weiterlesen
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Beat 04|21: Trap & Hip-Hop + Moog Taurus emulation for free! While hip-hop and electro... mehr
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Beat 04/2021 English
Beat 04|21: Trap & Hip-Hop + Moog Taurus emulation for free!

While hip-hop and electro were initially two parallel universes, they have long been inseparable and trap is just one of many symbiotic relationships of the two. Stars like Drake, Eminem or Alison Wonderland show more than clearly how well the fusion of both worlds works. In our big feature we not only have hip acts in an interview, but also look over their shoulders as they produce and give you all the tools and tricks you need for contemporary trap as well as classic sampling & turntablism hip-hop with 12-bit aesthetics.

Software-wise this issue comes with a full version of the Moog Taurus emulation Syntronik Bully from IK Multimedia, as well as our very own Halls Of Fame 3 Studio reverb with 1 GB of unique impulse responses. Plus our latest SYNTHIA expansion, bringing 50 patches of the iconic EMS Synthi and VCS3 to your for Zampler and Akai MPC. Altogether 11 GB of samples, tools, effects and instruments.
Software licenses guaranteed during month of release, after that available while stock lasts. You can check the availability of each product here [link to]
Highlights der Ausgabe

Trap & Hip-Hop
Hit receipes for your tracks

Free on DVD
Moog Taurus emulation Syntronik Bully

Reviews: Modal Cobalt8
From ice cold to analog

For free: Mastering eBook
Make it pump with freeware

+ Extra Inhalt

It doesn‘t get any fatter than this! Powerful and brute analog sounds await you in this months software highlight from IK Multimedia: Syntronik Bully captures the sound of all three variants of the legendary Moog Taurus bass pedal. Another must-have is Best Service‘s convolution reverb processor Halls Of Fame 3 Studio, which features over 1 GB of impulse responses from the best reverbs of the last 40 years. The new soundset, SYNTHIA for our plug-in Zampler//RX, as well as for Akai‘s MPC series, demonstrates how cutting-edge EMS Synthi and VCS3 can sound with 50 must-have basses, leads and pads with analog power! Sonic contrast, on the other hand, is provided by our extensive sample col- lection, with the Versilian Chamber Orchestra 2 Community Edition, as well as fresh sounds for Hip Hop, Trap and Urban. The Underground Crates by MPC Samples includes two Hip Hop kits and two sampled instruments, while the high-quality MPC expansions Hook City and Urban Roulette by Akai Pro & MVP Loops feature soulful vocals, gripping riffs and patterns, and red-hot loops and samples.

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