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Beat English
Ausgabe 05/2021

Beat English
Ausgabe 05/2021

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Hersteller: falkemedia
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Beat 05|21: Drums & Groove, Synthmaster & Trap Orchestra Whether techno, EDM,... mehr
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Beat 05/2021 English
Beat 05|21: Drums & Groove, Synthmaster & Trap Orchestra

Whether techno, EDM, Hip-Hop or Chillout, drums have to sound crisp, need to be used cleverly and above all: they have to groove. But how do kick and bass become one, how can ready-made loops and samples be combined into a signature sound? Look forward to all the answers, techniques and personal equipment recommendations from the editorial team in our big Drums & Groove feature.

Software-wise this issue comes with a full version of the bass enhancer Fundamental Bass by WA Production, as well as our power-horse SynthMaster BE. Plus our latest Trap Orchestra expansion for Zampler and Akai MPCs. Altogether 13 GB of samples, tools, effects and instruments.

 Software licenses guaranteed during month of release, after that available while stock lasts. You can check the availability of each product here [link to]

Highlights der Ausgabe


Drums & Groove
Make your beats stand out

Free on DVD
Fundamental Bass, Synthmaster & Trap Orchestra

Reviews: Behringer MonoPoly
Unleashed analog beast

Extra: Monitoring 2021
Beat speakers & headphones
+ Extra Inhalt

Fundamental Bass by WA Production is a huge weapon for adding punch and presence to your subs. KV331 Audio Synthmaster 2 BE is a flexible synthesis giant that covers the complete range from classic analog to modern digital sounds. 116 exciting hybrid sounds await you in the new Trap Orchestra soundset for Zampler//RX and Akai MPCs. Orchestral sounds meet powerful synth sounds for EDM, Trap & more.
The sample collection, on the other hand, delivers fresh samples from Antidote Audio, Prime Loops, Sample Diggers, Sonokinetic, Wave Alchemy, Zenhiser and Zero-G. Inspiring sounds for Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Techno, as well as movies, game and trailer music are included. Also included are exciting effect sounds and powerful analog sounds.

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